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   Fundamentally better economics  

A matter of weeks

Time is money, whether you’re saving it or making it.

Our technology provides a design and delivery experience radically more efficient than alternatives.

Fixed upfront pricing

Oasys is always more affordable than alternatives, and offers fixed upfront pricing that eliminates the risk of going over budget.

No surprises. And no hidden costs.

Higher rent income

Tall ceilings, big windows, open floor plans, and airy private porches make Oasys ADUs feel large and energetic.

Generate more income per square foot and keep tenants longer.

   Plenty more possibilities   

Max out your footprint

Our ADUs maximize the usage of your site, spanning as much as 40 feet. This is ideal for the average 50 ft wide backyard.

You can fit more square footage than with any competing solution.

Customized to your site

Views, sun orientation, terrain, and distance to the main home vary dramatically by site.

Oasys ADUs are fully customizable: layout, location of windows and porches, outdoor features, you name it.

Your home as a whole

We know your ADU is part of a bigger whole - your main home, your backyard, your lifestyle.

Oasys ADUs will complement and complete your property under any use-case, scenario.

   Exceptional everyday living   

Light, light, light

We all know it, natural light is irreplaceable in giving joy to our soul.


The Oasys system allows for limitless windows. With 8' tall and up to 16' wide patio doors, your ADU will be brimming with daylight.

Much higher ceilings

High ceilings make spaces feel drastically larger, expansive.


Oasys ADUs offer internal heights not possible with traditional construction or pre-fab solutions.  

Connective layouts

We incorporate all of our clients’ feedback into our layout design process.

The result are units that have unmatched inner circulation possibilities, as well as a unique indoor / outdoor integration.

   Better environmental performance   

Superior insulation

Insulation of walls, windows and ceiling determines energy efficiency.

Oasys ADUs offer up to 33% higher insulation than alternatives.

Quiet living

Once you experience the peacefulness of quiet, you don't go back.

Using double glazed, argon filled Marvin windows, Oasys ADUs offer better noise insulation that any alternative. 

Solar ready

All Oasys ADUs include a solar ready ceiling, helping you lower your electricity bills.

   One of a kind ADU  

Color and trim options

The exterior look of your ADU is also part of the joy of a new home.

Oasys ADUs offer plenty of color and trim options to make your ADU unique and beautiful.

ADA Accessibility

All of our ADUs can accomodate ADA features.

Dual purpose furniture

Beds that become desks or sofas? Yes we have them!


We partnered with Resource Furniture to offer you the most practical units in the market.

   Interiors that fit your lifestyle   

Loft and studio

Ideal as a 400 ft studio, home expansion, or as a luxurious 800 sf fully fledged loft, our open layout ADUs offer unparalleled expansion.

1 bedroom

With 600 sf and 800 sf options, our 1 Bedroom ADUs offer double-access bathrooms and ample integrated kitchens.

2 bedrooms

Offering 2 ample suites with walk-in closets, or 2 independent spaces within the same unit, our 2 bedroom ADUs offer plenty of possibilities. 

   Beautiful all around   

Private courtyard

When planning to rent your ADU, it’s sometimes challenging to maintain your privacy while giving outdoor space to your tenant.

By using solutions as private courtyards, Oasys ADUs offer the perfect solution.

Live-in wall

Turn your ADU into the star of your backyard!.

Add a barbecue, sitting space, storage and tons of family fun with our unique live-in wall upgrade.

Decks and Porches

Great Indoor / outdoor integration is the secret sauce of a truly joyful home.

Oasys ADUs offer multiple deck and porch upgrades to better enjoy outdoor living.


Super quiet delivery

We know it, living by a construction site can be a dreadful experience.

Not with Oasys ADUs. Our system is not only lighting fast, but also mostly silent and does not require a live in crew.

No Cranes 

Your ADU must reach your backyard, which may  be hard to access.


A complete Oasys ADU is designed to fit thru a 30" opening. No large and expensive cranes are needed, and no need to put your main home at risk.

Robotic fabrication

Oasys seamlessly integrates the whole process from 3D design to homebuilding.

Our system leverages a breakthrough in space frame technology alongside a 6-axis robotic fabrication process to drive down costs dramatically.


   End to end Concierge Service   

Design and visualization

We begin our end to end process with a 2 week discovery phase, where we design the optimal code-complying ADU, make a 3D model of it in your lot.


At the end of this phase we provide turnkey price for the unit and upgrades or customizations.

Docs and permitting

We next take care the permitting process, creating and compiling all the required documentation and stamps.

We follow-up to the city until we obtain the permit to begin construction.

Build and finishes

We offer are an end to end service, and deliver you the unit ready to move in - full kitchen, bathrooms, cabinetry, A/C.

We handle site work, frame pre-fabrication, and assembly and construction of the ADU on-site. 


All terrain: hillside and flat, urban and remote

Demo and replacement

We offer ground up detached and attached ADUs and well as detached garage replacements.


Our building system is more efficient in hillside lots, with less foundation requirements than either traditional construction or prefab solutions.


Our off-site prefabrication process and lighting speed in-site build allow us to be particularly efficient in remote locations. 

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