Live spaciously,

more personally

and get there

much faster.

Full Size Living

We think everyone should have the luxury of space. 12-14’ high ceilings. Airy private porches. Open, connective interiors.

A Matter Of Months

Time is money, whether you’re saving it or making it. Our design and delivery experience is radically more efficient than alternatives. The whole process takes 6 months or less.

A Better Way To Build

Our system leverages a breakthrough in space frame technology alongside a 6-axis robotic fabrication process to drive down costs dramatically. 

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We deliver

one of a kind Backyard Homes to make the most

of your everyday. 

Now it’s easier than ever to expand your home, create a guest house, or develop an independent unit you can rent; all within the footprint of your lot.

 Build a home that celebrates life.  Honor the unique strengths of your site. Create opportunities for daily discovery. Make space for everyone.




We work together with you to define site plan, unit layout and proposed use of the unit. If you are interested in an Oasys Home or ADU, start here by completing this form.


Documentation and permitting

We develop all necessary documentation for permitting purposes and work with you along the permitting process.



We begin off-site manufacturing of all components, prepare ground and utility hookups, deliver and build the unit onsite.



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We give shape to joyful homes.

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