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Let's get started with your Oasys Home!

The development of your project begins with a Discovery Phase, exploring the implementation of the Oasys Home within the premises of your property.  During the discovery phase, we will work together with you to define the Oasys Home size, proposed use, location on the property, floor plan layout, and visual look of the completed design.



Site planning is the first step in beginning your ADU process. A site plan is designed for your lot, which notates existing structures, setbacks, easements, and any additional features that will affect the placement of the ADU. Oasys diligently researches various factors that influence the site placement for an ADU such as: 

  • Zoning regulations

  • Access and privacy

  • Natural light

  • Topography and landscape


By carefully considering these factors, we work to determine a location for your ADU that meets your needs and is well-suited to your backyard.


We 3D model your site, creating a detailed virtual representation of the terrain and surrounding environment. By incorporating 3D modeling into the design process, our architects can explore ADU placement options and experiment with different design concepts, materials, and colors in a virtual space, allowing a high level of refinement before breaking ground. 3D modeling enables us to simulate different lighting and weather conditions, providing valuable insight into how the ADU will look and function in different environments.



The interior layout of an ADU is an essential aspect to consider when creating a functional and inviting space. Oasys layouts are optimized to maximize space while maintaining a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment. Our designers take careful consideration of furniture placement, room functionality, storage and traffic flow throughout the unit. Depending on your needs and preferences, designers work with you to find layout solutions that are compatible with your lifestyle, while providing a comfortable and functional living space.


Our designers create realistic 3D animations and renderings of the ADU within the intended environment. By creating realistic 3D renderings, designers can evaluate the placement, scale, and overall impact of the structure on the site. The renders aid in the visualization of the final product and allow you to make informed decisions about the overall impact of the design. Oasys provides well-executed renderings of the ADU unit and site context to ensure that the final product will be visually appealing, functional and harmonious with its surroundings. 


Start your Discovery!

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NOTE: Oasys is only building in CA at this time.

The Discovery fee is deductible from the fees of the subsequent Documentation and Permitting phase. The Documentation and Permitting phase will be on a separate contract that will commence upon the completion of the Discovery Phase and the signing of said Documentation Agreement.


We can’ t say enough of how pleased we were to work with you and your team, especially for your persistence throughout all the curveballs thrown at us.  We will be glad to host prospective customers and sing your praises.

-Stephen & Marion, Napa Valley


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