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Our mission is to make Full Size Living available to all.
We want to live in a world where everyone has the luxury of space.

Oasys is the vision of our Founder and CEO Alexis Rochas.  It is the culmination of his award-winning architectural career. Alexis founded Stereobot where, for more than 10 years, he has been revolutionizing the event space creating incredible 3D space frame structures for concerts, art fairs, etc. 


Now, with Oasys, Alexis is applying all the lessons learned from building these unique structures, to revolutionize how homes are built in the US. He has architected a new tradition of building based on today’s needs and today’s realities. Oasys is not a single home or a set of templates with modular components. Instead, Alexis has rethought how we build homes entirely. The result is an utterly unique combination of low cost, flexibility, and speed that allows our team to detail a plan to match almost every need and budget. 

Some Oasys customers choose to configure their own space online. Others work with us to create a custom home. Regardless of how you engage with us, the empathy and intentionality that are hallmark of Alexis’ work shine through. 

Too many lower-cost providers abstract away architectural sensitivity with pre- fabricated or traditionally built designs. Oasys allows Alexis and his team to listen to and reflect the needs of each family and property in every home we build.

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Contact us to learn how you can build an Oasys ADU on your California property in the matter of weeks.

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