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why get an ADU?

ADUs present Homeowners with a life-affirming value proposition: improved quality of life, economic empowerment and an active role in community development. As a company, we see our role as a fundamental in bringing clarity and ease to the development process to allow homeowners to benefit from the full potential that their properties offer.

From a community perspective, a significant increase in housing supply unfolds a closer-knit urban fabric advancing community values and reducing the environmental cost of growing communities.


a home for everyone

Our clients are adding ADUs to their properties for so many different reasons, the most common being:

- growing families

- passive income

- live-work space

- multi-generational living

"We're building an JADU for my 70 year-old mother to age in place"

- Tiffany L. , Los Angeles, CA

"Our plan is to rent out the ADU,

we want to retire early"

- James and Lily M. , Los Angeles, CA

questions and answers

is my property big enough?

Yes! there is no minimum lot size, as long as you are zoned for single family residences.

what if I don't live on the property?

No matter, the new laws do not have owner occupancy requirements.

can I build more than one?

Yes! The new laws now allow for up to two ADUs per property. A few of our customers are adding a JADU (Junior ADU) and an ADU to their properties.

will I need to provide additional parking for the unit?

No, you can now replace your garage and not have to provide parking if your property is within 0.5 miles of public transit.

how much will I have to pay in fees?

if your new unit is under 750 sqft, Nothing!

does the unit have to detached?

Not at all, depending on your needs, the unit can either be attached to your home or stand-alone.

how long will getting a building permit take?

Only up to 60 days! The building department is now required to approve ADU requests within 60 days.

will this effect my property taxes?

ADUs do not trigger an overall Home Property Tax Reassessment, you'll only see a slight increase based on the value the ADU brings to your propety.

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