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What to know before building an ADU

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We think everyone should have the luxury of space. 12-14’ high ceilings and open, luminous and connective interiors.
Whether you're preserving green space, replacing your underused garage, or creating a 2-bedroom home in your backyard, our ADUs are optimized for every use case. 

ADU 400

Keep it cozy  with our 400 sf unit, where the essentials are organized and at your fingertips.

ADU 600

Our 600 sf unit is the best of both worlds, where you get an open floor plan and a private bedroom.

ADU 800

Our 800 sf unit offers multiple floor plans to work, live, and entertain. This does it all!

ADU 1000

Treat yourself to our 1000 sf unit - our largest, most open layout with a courtyard for outdoor living and entertaining.




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